The Flying Carpet, 2000

Project for the Domus-Boeing Business Jet competition


Directed by Ramón Benedito

Project implemented by Ana Mir, Emili Padrós, Bernat Cuní and Ramón Camps

First Prize Domus-BBJ 2000. Competition new ideas of BBJ interiors


“This was an open competition but François Burkhardt—the then editor of the periodical Domus—made a proposal to a number of prestigious designers to bring together and direct a group of young designers who had trained in their studios rather than competing individually. For a project like this, I thought it would be a good idea to form a group consisting of two “artistic” designers that I trusted in, and two “technological” designers that Ramón Benedito trusted in. That’s just what we did, and with optimum results.

    Our proposal for transforming the interior of a Boeing Business Jet for private use was extremely experimental, consisting of a fluid and flexible space that could be adapted to various uses such as working, cooking, eating, relaxing, personal hygiene and sleeping. An interesting aspect of the proposal was that the colour scheme changed in tune to the landscape being overflown. When François Burkhardt telephoned me personally to say we had won the competition we were overjoyed. We knew the names of the eminent members of the jury, but not those of the prestigious designers from all over the world with whom we had competed.”