Talaya, 1986


Producer: Bd Barcelona Design

(Out of production)

When Formica launched the new material Color-Core, various designers and architects were invited to design furniture which would highlight the material's qualities of resistance. OTB decided to produce a shelf which would be radically different to his earlier shelves, Hialina and Hypóstila. Instead of a dominantly horizontal composition, he designed for verticality - a shelf specially designed to hold magazines. The problem was that if magazines are placed on the shelf horizontally, it's difficult to get at them, if stood vertically, they tend to sag and bend. To avoid this sagging, the shelf was designed with a series of short compartments providing support.

    The Talaya has an ample base which distributes the weight and provides stability; it becomes narrower towards the top, but only in shelf depth not in width, thus enabling infinite 35 cm modules to be arrayed side-by-side and fill up wall space. The Bib-luz lamp was designed for illumination of this shelf.