On the west porch, the Astrolabio table and the Abanica chairs.

Neoclassical inspirations of Minorcan architecture.


Son Blau, 1987-1990           


Location: Cala Sant Esteve. Menorca

Project Coordinator: Carles Díaz


Quantity Surveyor: Alejandro de Olives

Built area: 259 m2

Mediterranean architecture suspended over a cove in Minorca. An architecture of small windows, with the larger ones protected by deep porches. The large ridge roof protects the entire construction. The channel tiles are painted in light tones, in the tradition of the island.

    A reference-cum-tribute to the ingenuous neoclassical architecture of popular houses and white cemeteries. An intimate entrance courtyard is concealed behind the portal opened in a local-style stone wall.


    (Photographs by Mario Ciamp and Hisao Suzuki)