December 2012

The prestigious Daily Telegraph Travel, digital edition, gives to Toledo station first place to the ranking of the most impressive stations in Europe


    Between the Komsomolskaya station of Moscow and Stockholm Sula, the Toledo in Naples has been selected as the most impressive –la piu bella, according to the Corriere Della Sera– from a total of twenty-two spectacular works. A fabulous photo coverage illustrates.

November 2012

OTB presents Dalí Collection furniture

at My Design Showroom in Paris



    OTB gave a lecture explaining the history of furniture that was drawn by the Master in the thirties, brought to reality by OTB and produced by BD.

    Also shown the Black Label Collection 2009, where everything is black based finished: aged black patina on the casted brass, Black Marquina marble for the famous egg, darkened gold leaf and dyed lime wood, satin in black for the upholstery and lingerie chiffon, and also black for the lamp shades. Refined materials and handcrafted manufacturing bring up to date a furniture collection that only Bd has sold all over the world since the 90s, guaranteed by The Gala Salvador Dalí Foundation responsible for the painter’s rights. The Black Label Collection comes to market in a 105 pieces limited edition.



MY Design
75 quai de la gare
75013 Paris

July 2012

The Auditorium of Gran Canaria become a movie screen

Projection on the facade of the Auditorio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the night of San Juan on the occasion of the Festival Founding of the city.
watch the video

June 2012

Más que discutible translated to Hungarian


“In 2004 took place in Budapest the exhibition “Oscar Tusquets Blanca. The labyrinth: architecture, design and art” from which I was curator at Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid (2003). We had the cooperation of the Hungarian Architectural Association, whose president, Adam Sylvester, eminent architect, knew well of Barcelona's architecture and spoke perfect Spanish. He soon showed a fascination for the work and thought of Oscar Tusquets, to the point of proposing to translate and edit his books, beginning with the first one, Más que discutible, originally published by Tusquets editores (1994). This new edition that goes now on the market, is the first Tusquet’s book translated into another language, curiously Hungarian.

    We thank Adam the enthusiastic and selfless work he realised, and we know he goes on with Todo es comparable

    Juli Capella

May 2012

OTB paintings for sale

Fundación Oscar Tusquets Blanca sells some of the paintings of the artist through the

    The works that starts this project are: Sobre pareo violeta, After the match and Un pino y dos cipreses.
    Prices are for those works located in Barcelona. Those interested can contact

May 2012

OTB books sold in

Fundación Oscar Tusquets Blanca sells in Amazon discontinued books (those that were out of sale) at very good prices.
    These books are: Dalí y otros amigos, ANNA, Réquiem por la escalera and la ENCICLOPAEDIA.

    The last two are bilingual (Spanish/English) editions.
    Find them at  

    MARE MEVM and  Varius family are available through the OTB Foundation (

April 2012

Station Toledo, the Napolitan Underground Line 1 has been  preinaugurated and shown to the press


Today 12th April, at 11,30 a.m. Naples, Toledo Station, the new station of Napolitan Underground Line 1, will be shown to the Press. The Station planned by the Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca, is inspired to two great topics the light and the sea. Through hexagonal openings the natural light penetrates to the deeper plans of the station. The various land layers are evidenced by the use of different colours and materials, from the black of the earth to the yellow of tuff and stone, till the light blue of the water stratum to the intense blue of the sea.
     William Kentrige’s musive installations, with figures of the Antic mythology and of the Neapolitan iconography, Bob Wilson’s light boxes with lenticular panels that reproduce the waves of the sea and Achille Cevoli’s great reproduction of the gallery construction. Toledo Station is one of the Naples Underground Stations of Art whose artistic coordinator is Achille Bonito Oliva.


Vídeo promocional

Pubbliche Relazioni de la M. N. Metropolitana di Napoli


Press notes:

La Reppublica

It notizie


Photo 1: OTB with Stefano Caldoro (Governatore della Regione Campania)

Photo 2, from left to right: OTB, engineer Giannegidio Silva (Metropolitana di Napoli President), Luigi de Magistris (Napoli mayor) and Stefano Caldoro

Photo 4: engineer Silva talking with Napoli mayor


April 2012

FONTAL chair, presented at Salone del Mobile de Milano


 “The project was born from the desire to take back rattan as a noble material, building on the rich tradition of craftsmanship in our country that supports its use. To that end, we tried to give the hundred-year-old technique a new look, which was achieved by substituting the traditional strutting and joint wrapping for a twinning technique to join one reed to the next. With this innovative option, we created a flexible yet resistant structure that is very lightweight. A light, warm, charming and luxurious, in the true meaning of the world, chair.

We called it Fontal –relative to fountain-  because Expormim, that today produces furniture in several materials, also in Orient, has decided to put up, in this case, for a return to its origins, rattan, and to historical local knowledge about how to work with it.”


March 2012

OTB gives a master class on the tea set Oronda in ESDIR (School of Design of La Rioja)


In the framework of the Conference of Design, organized annually by ESDIR, OTB has lectured focused on  development of tea calles Oronda, from the creative process to final production.

February 2012

Tiempos que fueron is being published

About the book


 Today goes on sale Oscar’s last book, Tiempos que fueron,  provocative and emotional memories shared with his sister Esther Tusquets.

     On Monday, at Milena Busquets’s home, there was an informal presentation of the book. Attended the event, among others, Ernest Folch and Carmen Romero, from Ediciones B, the literary agents Mercedes Casanovas and María Lynch, Cristina Fernández Cubas, Carme Riera, Jorge Herralde, Leopoldo, Poldo, Juliet and Iván Pomés, Karin Leiz, Federico Correa, Jordi Garcés, Marta Pessarrodona, Arcadi Espada, Miquel Alzueta, Núria Amat...


In the photographs, from top to bottom:

Oscar, Leopoldo Pomés and Marta Pessarrodona.

Cristina Fernández Cubas and Carme Riera

Milena Busquets and her uncle Oscar

Federico Correa and Juliet Pomés


Photos: Gerard Arlandes and Eva Blanch

January 2012

Salvador Dalí

Centre Pompidou, Paris

21 november 2012 – 25 march 2013


Jean-Hubert Martin, general commissioner

Montse Aguer, Jean-Michel Bouhours and Thierry Dufrêne, commissioners


While recent exhibitions, (except the ones in Philadelphia and Art Museum of Venecia, Palazzo Grassi, 2005), gave preference to the study of Dalí through a partial point of view (Dalí and film, Dalí and mass media, Dalí and architecture, etc..), our discussion will go through his whole work and his historical personality. It will not just be a retrospective limited to exhibit his work one by one, but rather, raising the question of Dalí in the history and art history.

    This takes place at an important time for France (30 years after the exhibition at the Pompidou Centre) and for Spain, that has long been unwilling for the political ambiguity of Dalí.


    In this project OTB collaborates with the architect Laurenc Le Bris.