Montigalà, 1995-1998


Location: Badalona, Barcelona

Architect: Oscar Tusquets Blanca


Coordinator: Carles Díaz

Project director: Pep Palaín and Pablo Perlado

Quantity Surveyor: Pere Rius

Structure: Enric Torrent

Built area: 11.308 m2

"The planner had imagined a Rationalist parallelepiped but the site made a staggered building obligatory. We solved the problem by creating a sloping roof which drains to the sides. Heads of light-wells, lift machinery and chimneys are all grouped in a single volume that forms the spinal column of the roof. We were quite pleased with the sequence of light wells and accesses, and how the rooms are connected: entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry."