Chaflán Johnny, 1.999
Unbuilt project
Location: Barcelona
Author: Oscar Tusquets Blanca
Projected area: 1.400 m2

“The typical geometric challenge posed by the Barcelona Ensanche chamfers. Increased, in this case, cause the building site did not reach the block courtyard. The traditional solution –given the absurd ordinance that requires the staircase to have direct ventilation- was to draw upon a miserable courtyard. So I decided to ventilate all the rooms by the façade, creating a volumetry that reinforced the characteristic symmetry of the city's historic chamfers. As in other projects of this period of constructive wildness, just before construction work begun, the promoter received an exorbitant offer to purchase the site at which he could not resist. Another frustrating experience for all our projects are designed to be constructed and used. "