Casa del Laberinto, 1996-1999           


Location: Sant Vicenç de Montalt. Barcelona
Project coordinator: Carles Vinardell
Structure: Enric Torrent and Jesús Jiménez
Construction engineer: Maria Roger
Exterior lighting: Pierre Anaud
Interior lighting: Ingo Maurer
Stained glass: Pere Valldepérez
Landscape: Bet Figueras
Built area:

Ground floor: 496 m2

1st floor: 379 m2
2nd floor: 358 m2

Basement floor: 1,349 m2

"A mansion situated on higher ground in the Maresme, the lovely coastal area to the north of Barcelona. Rehabilitation of a building of relative interest but situated in a prime position on a plot with vestiges from the 14th century and successive remodelling work that culminated in a restructuring in the early 20th century. Remodelling the mansion and its adjoining areas: garage, terraces, swimming pools and guest rooms.
A lovely, spacious site sloping towards the sea, a wood of Mediterranean species in which to create a fascinating garden. A bold client with a generous budget who gave us free rein. A group of friends, professionals in the fields of architecture and various crafts, brought together to create a truly singular project."



(Photographs by Eduardo Mencos, James Silverman, A. Le Toquin, Jaume Blassi Oscar Tusquets and Nicola Browne)