Massa, 1996-1997


Location: Barcelona


Architect: Elisenda Tortajada

Construction engineer: María Roger

Interior designer: Eduardo Egozcue

Landscape architect: Bet Figueras

Built area: 500 m2

"This villa, situated in the upper districts of Barcelona, stands on a site that had already been occupied by a prior construction. We decided to demolish this because, as well as being of zero architectural interest, it occupied the least favourable part of the site, at the bottom of the garden.
The new house stands at the top of the site, from where there are superb views over the city and the sea. The treatment of the whole of the exterior,  which seems to me to be the most interesting aspect of the project—terraces, pergolas, retaining walls, swimming pool, vegetation—had to take account of those parts of the garden worth saving. Basically, the problem was how to incorporate the old trees in a bad garden into a new project. For this job, I worked with the landscape architect Bet Figueras, as usual."