La Fundación, 1998


Set for the stage play by Antonio Buero Vallejo. Centro Dramático Nacional, Madrid

Oscar Tusquets Blanca with Anna Mir

Finalist for the Josep Gaudí Stage Design Prize 1999

Nominated for the MAX Awards for Stage Arts 1999


The set had to transport the spectator from the hypothetical  headquarters of a scientific foundation to what amounted to a prison. This transformation had to be achieved without the use of a curtain;  the action moved from a hi-tech space to an oppressive environment where the prison yard was evoked by means of a reference to the modern architecture of impersonal skyscrapers. One of the difficulties posed by this interesting exercise was the need for it to be adaptable to the various stages on which the play was to be performed, which meant that the design had to work on the least favourable of them. Although it did not follow to the letter the minute description of the set as given by  the playwright himself, the latter approved and praised the result, this being the last of Buero Vallejo’s plays to be performed before he died the following year.

It was first performed in Oviedo, and then in Madrid at the Teatro Real, after which it went on tour to various cities around Spain.