Azulete Restaurant, 1983


Location: Barcelona

Architect: Oscar Tusquets Blanca with Pepe Cortés


Structure: Ignacio Paricio and Enric Torrent

Built area: 210 m2

Fad interiorismo 1983 Award


"A beautiful modernista villa in the upper part of the city. In the garden, under the trees, people would dine in the summer. The key decision was to reject the idea of altering the interior of the villa to house the restaurant. We recommended leaving the tables where they were and covering them with a glass umbrella. Inside the villa, respecting the rooms of the former house, were the bar and a private dining room. Walls have always been decorated like gardens and ceilings like firmaments. In this dining-room/greenhouse there were live trees in the walls, and in the ceiling... a real sky. Azulete was demolished against the express opinion of the architect; a replica has been built in the Hotel Miramar."