Regàs, 1970-1972


with Lluís Clotet

Location: Llofriu, Girona


Quantity surveyor: Santi Loperena

Interiors: Anna Bohigas

Built area: 525 m2

(Today destroyed)

The developer Oriol Regás, mainstay of Barcelona's gauche divine, had a summer house in Calella de Palafrugell, on the Costa Brava (Girona). It was a meeting place for characters from a range of walks of life who shared in common an open-minded, relaxed lifestyle. When in 1970 Regás commissioned Clotet and OTB to design his new house, they set about embodying in it that iconoclastic spirit which characterised the turbulent 1960s. The new house was to be near the previous one but further inland, in the village of Llofriu. A well-placed masia already occupied the site; however, being very small, it was decided to use it for the garage and facility room. The new house could therefore be freely planned. It was given a sinuous shape, grand piano-like, centred around a central pool, a terraced common area where people could congregate. The various rooms were subjected to a process of "harmonious disordering", with intermediate spaces and vestibules creating a unique setting ideally suited to the various, unforeseen and unplanned uses to which the building might be put.

(Photographs by Colita and Oriol Maspons)