Palau de la Música, 1982–1990


Location: Barcelona

Architects: Oscar Tusquets Blanca and Lluís Clotet


Adviser: Ignacio Paricio

Coordinator: Carles Díaz

Project director: Pep Palain

Structure: Enric Torrent and Jesús Jimenez

Construction engineer: Robert Ayala and Gerardo Barrena

Acoustics: Lothar Cremer

Stained glass: Pere Valldeperez

Sculptor: Juan Bordes

Built area:

Restoration: 6.237 m2

New build: 2.664 m2

"Our job was to refurbish, modernize and enlarge this jewel of Art Nouveau architecture: the concert hall which was built in 1906 by Domènech i Montaner and which has never ceased to serve this purpose ever since. In the first phase, which lasted for several years, we restored the very damaged parts of the old building and equipped it with sanitary facilities, accessibility, safety and comfort features that were unimaginable a hundred years earlier.

But the most significant part of the project was take advantage of part of the site of the adjacent unfinished church to open up the central well, which until then had always been hidden, even though, surprisingly, Domènech had bestowed on it a richness of treatment comparable with that of the facades, thus opening up a new entrance to the Palau. In the extension adjacent to the stage we provided services for the performers: rehearsal room, dressing rooms, library, etc."